How to Eliminate Urine Odor From Sofa Cushions

Urine odours, whether from people or pets, can make relaxing on your sofa cushions undesirable. The odours indicate lingering traces of urine in cushions, which stimulates pets to reuse the area. Untreated traces of urine can permeate sofa material until the cushions are permanently embedded with the distinctive odour. Promptly clean the affected sofa cushions to revitalise the couch and the home's overall atmosphere. Fortunately, basic materials can eliminate human and pet urine odour from sofa cushions.

Saturate a nondyed cloth in cold water. Blot the cushions with the cloth to rinse away any remaining urine and previous cleaning solutions. Do not soak the cushions; only slightly dampen them.

Vacuum the moisture from the cushions using a wet vacuum. Slowly move the vacuum attachment over cushions to extract the water. Operate the machine according to the directions in the owner's manual.

Pour an enzyme-based odour neutraliser over the cushions. Apply the neutraliser as advised on the product's label. Let the neutraliser permeate the cushions for the recommended amount of time.

Vacuum the cushions with the wet vacuum to extract the odour neutraliser granules.

Repeat the process after 24 hours if the odour persists.


Launder removable cushion covers in a washing machine with washing powder. Follow the washing instructions on the care tag attached to the cushion covers. Add the amount of washing powder listed on the product's label.


Vinegar and household ammonia contain strong odours that incline pets to urinate. Test the enzyme-based odour neutraliser on a small, unnoticeable area of the upholstery to prevent discolouring the cushion.

Things You'll Need

  • Nondyed cloth
  • Wet vacuum
  • Enzyme-based odour neutraliser
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