How to use makeup to cover up moles on your face

Updated April 17, 2017

Concealer is a make-up used to cover moles and unwanted blemishes or scars on your face. It's not just about the concealer you use, but also the way you apply the concealer that gives you maximum coverage for your desired look. With practice, the time you spend on your face can be just moments. Make-up is tricky and hard to apply sometimes, but practice makes perfect for coverage that looks flawless.

Choose a concealer and powder that best matches your skin tone. Many make-up counters and pharmacies have skin grafts that display colour swatches you can match your skin to. Ask a representative to help or guide you in your selection. A great way to match your skin to a make-up is to apply a small amount to your hand and rub it in. This gives you an idea of what it will look like on your face. Beware of going too dark. You want your make-up to blend with your natural skin tone.

Apply the concealer with a fine foundation brush or cotton swabs to clean, moisturised skin. Alternatively, you can pat the concealer gently onto the mole or blemish with your finger. Remember concealer is meant to hide small blemishes or unevenness in skin tone and not to cover up major skin flaws. For hard to hide moles, scars and blemishse, tattoo make-up is advised. Tatoo make-up has a wider range of coverage and can be obtained online, from a local tattoo artist or bridal shop. Apply the concealer in a directional manner to avoid caking.

Blend the outer edges of concealer or tattoo make-up into your skin to appear without lines or distinction. Gently apply face powder to seal the concealer with a powder brush or make-up sponge to avoid smearing or smudging. If you find your mole is still visible, try a second application. Otherwise, seek a professional make-up artist or salesperson for coverage advice.

Things You'll Need

  • Concealer
  • Cotton swab
  • Foundation brush
  • Face powder
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