How to Make Thongs & Sandals More Comfortable

Updated April 17, 2017

Sandals and thongs are great for the summer months but don't offer a lot of support for the feet. Frequent wearers of thongs can suffer foot pain from lack of arch support, tendinitis and sprain ankles from tripping, according to WebMD. Travellers also enjoy wearing sandals to the beach and for sightseeing. This type of footwear is not made to wear for long periods of times or for strenuous physical activities. However, there are ways to make thongs and sandals more comfortable.

Insert foot cushioning products into the sole of the shoe. Foot cushioning products and inner step products will increase comfort the sandal. Manufacturers have a wide selection of foot cushioning products for people who enjoy wearing thongs. Some foot cushioning products will sit under the ball of the foot to prevent the foot from sliding forward in the shoe. Heel cushions are also great for relieving the pressure on the heel. Strap stickers are another option and may prevent straps from rubbing against your foot. Whole cushioned inner soles are also available and stick to the bottom of the shoe.

Use Band-Aid Friction Block Stick to reduce friction. Band-Aid Friction Block Stick works by reducing the friction cause by the rubbing of the sandal against your skin. The product is a solid stick which looks similar to a miniature size of deodorant. Band-Aid Friction Block Stick also comes in a convenient size and can fit in your pocket. Apply the product where the thongs rub against your skin. When Band-Aid Friction Block Stick dries on the skin, it will form a clear and smooth barrier. The barrier works like an invisible band-aid. Sandal wearers should apply the block stick to the feet before putting on sandals. This may prevent blisters or raw skin from developing.

Apply moleskin adhesive protection in between the thong and toe if a blister forms. Feet can develop tender spots, corns and calluses from wearing sandals for long periods at a time. Moleskin adhesive protection padding remedies this problem. Moleskin adhesive protection padding is good for protecting the feet from painful friction when wearing thongs and sandals. The product is made of soft, cotton, flannel padding with a self-stick adhesive. Cut the pads to fit a specific area on your foot. Before applying the padding, you will need to bathe your feet. Allow the feet to dry and cut the moleskin to fit the desired area. If you are going to put the moleskin in between the toe and the thong, then you want to a piece that will fit in that area. Remove the backing and apply to that area. Do not apply moleskin directly to broken skin or over blisters. Consult a doctor before using if you have been diagnosed with poor circulation or diabetes.

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  • Foot Cushioning Product
  • Moleskin adhesive protection padding
  • Band-Aid Friction Block Stick
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