How to package homemade chocolates

Written by elizabeth arnold | 13/05/2017
How to package homemade chocolates
Handmade chocolates need attractive packaging. (chocolates image by cherie from

If you've made homemade chocolates as a sweet birthday or Valentine gift for a loved one, show off your hard work in attractive packaging. When it comes to giving food gifts, presentation is key. Choose clean and sterile packaging, which will make your gift more appetising. Give the handmade chocolates even more appeal by wrapping them in attractive packaging to reflect the theme of a party or special event -- or even the recipient's favourite colour.

Choose a chocolate box to fit the amount of chocolates you need to package. Go with a plain white box for a sweet shop-inspired look. Pick a box featuring the gift recipient's preferred colour, such as pink or yellow as a customised touch. Show off decorative chocolates with a box lid featuring a clear cellophane window.

Place each handmade chocolate in an individual paper candy cup to prevent the candies from sticking. Set the chocolate-filled cups in neat rows inside the box.

Place the lid on the chocolate box.

Wrap a ribbon around the centre of the gift box and tie it into a bow on top, which will secure the lid into place. Slip a festive gold elastic band around the middle of the box for a more subdued look.

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