How to Donate Toys to Charity in the United Kingdom

Updated February 21, 2017

Donating toys is a great way to give back to children, as well as needy adults, in the U.K. Organizations accept toys and give them to children in need or use them to fund their charitable efforts. Some organisations will accept used toys, while others will only accept new toys. If you have used toys, only donate those in good shape. Avoid donating toys that are worn, missing pieces or broken.

Donate children's toys to the British Red Cross charity shops. The British Red Cross sells all donated toys to fund its charitable efforts which include helping the needy with basics such as food and shelter and advocating for those seeking asylum in the UK. Also, toys in the charity shop are sold for significantly less than those sold in non-discounted retail stores, giving families with less financial means a way to buy toys. You can drop off toys at local Red Cross charity shops, or in some areas, the Red Cross will pick up items from your home. Contact the British Red Cross to find nearby locations or arrange for a pickup (see Resources).

Contact your local children's hospital and ask about donating toys. Many children's hospitals will not accept used toys because of the risk of transferring germs, but toys that are new and packaged are usually welcome. Talk with a representative about which toys are needed and make arrangements to drop off the toys.

Donate your toys to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of thousands of sick children throughout the UK and the world. The foundation accepts charitable donations for its fund-raising auctions. Contact a representative to learn which types of toys are needed. Proceeds from your donated toys will help sick children.

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