How to Make Your Photos Into Pop Art for Free Online

Updated April 17, 2017

In the 1950s, Pop Art emerged as a reaction against the prevailing art movement, Abstract Expressionism. By the 1970s, Andy Warhol had become one of Pop Art's most revered visionaries and today the name Warhol is synonymous with the Pop Art movement. Warhol's art required great skill, talent and time -- but these days it only requires image editing software and a few clicks of the mouse to transform any image into a vibrant and stylish Pop Art masterpiece. Befunky, FotoFlexer and Picnik are just a few of the free Internet image editors available to bring out the artist in anyone.

Navigate your browser to and click the bright pink "Get Started" button located in the upper right hand corner.

Click the "Upload a Photo" button located at the top right corner of the page. Double-click on your image from your computer. Choose "Apply Effects" from the pop-up tool box that appears in the centre of the page.

Drag the "Featured Effects" scroll bar until you locate the "Pop Art" button. Select "Pop Art" from the list of features and choose one of the filters.

Make corrections and adjustments to the image from the menu located to the right of the filters. When you're satisfied with the image, click "Apply" and then "Save".

Navigate to and click on the yellow tab "Upload Photo" located in the upper right corner.

Click on the grey "Upload" button in the middle of the page and choose an image from your computer. Choose the "Effects" tab and select the "Pop Art" icon in the upper right corner.

Click the "Save" button at the top of the page and choose a format from the scroll bar below the image. Click "Save to My Computer" or choose another location from the menu.

Go to and click on the green "Get Started Now!" button in the middle of the page. Click "Upload a Photo" in the left column and double-click on an image from your hard drive.

Select the green "Create" tab located at the top of the page. Click on the "Effects" option and choose "Heat Map" in the left column.

Click the "Save & Share" tab in the upper right corner. Click "Save Photo" to save to your computer. You also have the option to save the finished image to your preferred social media or photo storage website.


For best results, choose an image that has clearly defined outlines and a main subject.

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