How to Troubleshoot a Bose Lifestyle V20

Updated June 13, 2017

The Bose Lifestyle V20 is a 5.1-channel home entertainment system introduced in late 2007. It features direct/reflect speakers and multiple HDMI, component, S-video, and composite outputs, as well as RCA inputs and an AM/FM radio. For 2010, Bose introduced a newer line of V-series home entertainment systems that featured iPod docking stations and USB jacks for firmware updates, which made the V20 less desirable, though much more affordable on the used market. If you are experiencing problems with your Bose Lifestyle V20, try some troubleshooting steps to get it back in working order.

Check your audio cable connections. Many problems with home theatre systems can be traced to audio cables that are improperly connected. Insert the audio input connector into the Main Speaker jack of your media centre, and make sure the connection is secure. Insert the multi-pin connector into the Audio Input jack of the Acoustimass module. Double check your connections between the speakers and the Acoustimass module, and make sure that any external component is plugged in and connected properly. Turn off the unit and turn it back on after waiting approximately one minute.

Adjust the sound of each speaker. Make sure the centre speaker cable is connected at both ends. Select the three speaker mode and adjust the centre channel volume until it meshes well with the volume of the other speakers. Insert a DVD with surround sound encoding and select the 5-speaker mode. Adjust the surround speaker volume, as well as the centre speaker volume, until you have a nice balance.

Test your Bose Lifestyle V20 remote control. Place the power source for your media centre far away from your TV. Make sure the house codes for your remote control and media centre are the same. If your remote control works inconsistently, disconnect any cables such as HDMI or component and see if you get better performance.

Test the functionality and effectiveness of the radio. Place your radio antenna in an upright position, over 20 inches from the media centre and all attached modules. Select 2-speaker mode while listening to the radio, as surround speakers are superfluous and often pick up static from weaker stations. External components connected to the media centre may interfere with listening to the radio, creating distortion, so make sure their output levels are at a low setting.


If problems still persist, you should contact Bose customer service for further assistance.


Making adjustments and modifications to your Bose home theatre system that do not follow user guidelines may invalidate your warranty.

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