Origami Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Instructions

The art of paper folding or "origami" was developed in Japan, although the paper used for this technique may have been invented in China around 105 A.D. A flat sheet of paper is transformed into a sculptured piece of art without the use of scissors or glue when performing origami. Basic designs start with a sheet of paper whose sides can be coloured in different ways to affect the finished piece of work. Colour the paper in the appropriate area with a red crayon or paint to create a ruby-throated origami hummingbird.

Fold over one corner of a square piece of origami paper until it meets the opposite corner.

Open the paper back out square. Repeat Step 1 with the opposite diagonals of the paper.

Fold the paper back over at the crease to form a triangle. Perform a mountain fold with the tip of the triangle by folding it back behind itself.

Fold the left side of the triangle over toward the centre of the paper. Repeat this step on the right side of the paper.

Pull the rightwing of the paper down at a 90-degree angle and crease the paper. Repeat this step on the leftwing of the paper.

Fold the right side of the paper over to meet the left side, creasing the paper in the centre.

Turn the paper around until the longest creased triangle points up. Fold the tip down behind itself to form the beak of the hummingbird.

Turn the paper over to the opposite side. Fold and crease the beak down along the centre.

Spread the wings of the origami hummingbird out. Press a crease to hold them in place.

Colour the origami hummingbird model using crayons or paints.

Things You'll Need

  • Origami paper
  • Crayons or paints
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