How to Decorate With an 'Alice in Wonderland' Theme

Updated April 17, 2017

"Alice in Wonderland" is a classic party theme that's perfect for birthdays (or unbirthdays), Mad Hatter tea parties, showers and backyard events. The whimsical feel of an "Alice in Wonderland" theme comes from the food and music, and especially the decorations. Having the right decorations can bring your "Alice in Wonderland" theme to life and make your guests feel as though they've stepped into their own wonderland.

With your yard signs and paint pen, write messages for your guests to see when they walk up to your door. These should be messages like "This Way," "That Way," "Up" and "Down," just like in the movie.

Cover your long table with different size teacups and teapots. Borrow mismatched sets from friends, family or neighbours, or purchase them at flea markets. Be sure to have different sizes as well as styles. Set a few medium-sized ones aside to hold flowers.

Hang paper lanterns above the table and throughout the room. Use your deck of playing cards to string as garlands on light fixtures or even chairs. Scatter the remaining cards around the table.

Place things like golden keys and stopped clocks around the table, on counters and shelves. Use your rabbit paw tracks to trace directions from the door to the table and throughout the room.

Fill leftover teacups with white and red silk roses. Stuff a paintbrush with the dried red paint in a few arrangements and leave the remaining brushes throughout the room.

Things You'll Need

  • Different types of teapots and teacups
  • Large armchair
  • Colourful paper lanterns
  • Golden keys
  • Clocks, all stopped at party time
  • Playing cards
  • Rabbit paw tracks cut out of paper
  • White and red silk roses
  • Blank yard signs with poles
  • Paint pen
  • Paintbrushes with dried red paint on them
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