How to Send a Recorded Prank Call for Free

Updated March 23, 2017

If you want to play a joke on someone or get revenge on someone who has played a joke on you, sending a free recorded prank call to that person's phone is a way that you can accomplish this task. Prank calls are intended to be fun, if pulled off properly. Several websites allow you to customise a message, assign it to a funny voice and send it to your friend or loved one as a prank.

Visit the PrankDial website from your computer and scroll through the list of available prank call messages.

Click on the prank call that you want to send. Click the "Preview" icon to listen to the recorded call before you send it.

Enter the recipient's phone number in the appropriate field. Enter the phone number that you want to show up on the caller ID in the next field. This step is optional.

Click the "I Would Like to Record This Message" box if you want PrankDial to record your prank call. If you select this option, you must tell the recipient that he is being recorded.

Click "Send the Call" to send your prank call message.

Visit or from your computer.

Enter the recipient's phone number in the appropriate field. Enter the name and number that you want to display on the recipient's caller ID in the appropriate fields.

Select the recorded voice that you want to use to read your prank call message from the drop-down menu.

Type a short message in the message box. This message will be read to the recipient. Click "Make the Call" to send your prank call.


Resist the urge to send obscene messages as prank calls.


Do not make prank calls to businesses or order items and send them as a prank to a friend. This is against the law and you can be prosecuted. Do not threaten someone or stalk someone by sending hateful prank calls. This is illegal and you can be prosecuted.

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