How to eat 1100 calories a day

Updated April 17, 2017

Restricting your calorie intake is imperative in a successful weigh-loss plan. Women who are not vigorously exercising can maintain a healthy calorie intake by eating just 1,100 calories per day. This may not seem like a lot of calories. However, you can easily enjoy three meals and two snacks on an 1,000-calorie plan. Limit each meal to 300 calories and each snack to 100 calories. You will need to cut out all calorie-laden drinks on this diet plan, so make sure to drink plenty of water.

Try a turkey bacon and spinach omelette for breakfast with a slice of whole grain toast. Use four egg whites, two slices of turkey bacon and 1/2 cup of spinach to make the omelette. You can even have one teaspoon of butter on your toast. For another breakfast meal under 300-calories, try 1/4 cup of dry steel-cut oatmeal, 1 cup of skimmed milk and 2 tsp of brown sugar. Make sure you cook the oatmeal.

Eat a granola bar for your midmorning snack. You can find granola bars that are only 100-calories per bar, so make sure you purchase this variety.

Make a delicious turkey sandwich for lunch. Make the sandwich with two slices of whole grain bread, two pieces of lettuce, three 28.4gr. slices of deli-sliced turkey meat and 2 tsp of mustard. You can also eat 1/2-cup of coleslaw and a medium sized apple to stay under 300 calories. You can add a slice of American cheese to your sandwich if you don't want to eat the coleslaw and the apple.

Prepare 85.1gr. of baby carrots with 2 tbsp of fat-free ranch dressing. This delicious and filling snack is only 100 calories.

Eat 1/2-cup long-grain brown rice, a 85.1gr. skinless chicken breast and one cup of chopped broccoli. This may seem like a lot of food, but you will only be eating 300-calories.

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