How to solve a six piece wood ball puzzle

Updated March 23, 2017

The six piece wood puzzle ball is meant to be put together instead of taken apart. This puzzle, also known as the diamond ball puzzle or soccer ball puzzle, consists of six loosely connected identical puzzle pieces. The intact ball pulls apart easily, leaving the solver with the task of reassembly. The trick with this puzzle is to assemble it in two parts, then connect those two halves.

Pick up two of the six identical puzzle pieces. Put them together by placing one piece upright and perpendicular to the middle portion of the second piece. They are carved with three large serrations each and should fit together easily. Hold these pieces together.

Pick up a third piece of the puzzle and lay it across the top of the first puzzle piece -- forming a T with it -- and with one edge tucked to the side of the second piece.You will have in your hand something that looks like a pinwheel on the inside and one half of a ball on the outside. Hold these three pieces together with your thumb, index finger and middle finger.

Repeat steps one and two with the remaining three puzzle pieces. You will end up with two halves of the puzzle ball, each resembling a pinwheel.

Take one half of the puzzle ball in each hand and very gently press them together, fitting the serrations and inverse areas against each other. Hold one half of the ball together tightly and let the other half rest on top. Lightly press this half into place. This part takes a gentle hand and patience. No need to force the pieces together.


If the two halves don't fit, then wiggle them a little as you fit them into place.

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  • Soccer ball puzzle
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