How to Reset a Samsonite 3-Digit, Built-in Combination Lock

Written by tara kimball | 13/05/2017
How to Reset a Samsonite 3-Digit, Built-in Combination Lock
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For daily business or travel, Samsonite luggage and briefcases provide packing space to consolidate documents and belongings. Keep them secure by selecting a Samsonite product with an integrated three-digit combination lock. Change the combination from the factory default or change it regularly for added security. Samsonite provides an option to reprogram the combination in minutes without any special tools.

Turn the combination dials to 0-0-0 if it is a new lock. Set the dials to your current combination if it is one you have used for a while.

Hold the lever down and turn the dials to the combination you want. If your lock is equipped with a button on the edge instead of a lever, push the button toward the dials while you turn them to the desired combination.

Push the lever back up to the starting position or release the button to set the combination.

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