How to make text glow in after effects

The Adobe After Effects software allows you to add special visual effects to your graphics and videos. One special effect that is easy to add is the Glow effect. By adding the Glow effect, you cause text that would normally be visually plain to boldly stand out.

Enter the desired text. To enter text, select the "Layer" option from the Adobe Effects top navigation bar. Select "New" and "Text." Type the text to which you would like to add a Glow effect.

Drag your mouse over the text to highlight it. Click the "Effect" option that is located on the top navigation bar. Look in the "Effects and Presets" tab and click "Stylize" to expand the stylisation options.

Scroll through the stylisation options until you locate the "Glow" effect. There are many effects to choose from, but you can save time by typing "Glow" in the "Contains" field that is located at the top of the Effects and Presets tab.

Double-click "Glow" to reveal the customisation options.

Customise your glow. For instance, you can change the glow colours. Or, change the Glow Intensity setting to customise the brightness of the glow. Change the Composite Original settings to "On Top" if you want the glow to appear on top of your text. To place the glow behind the text, select "Behind."

Click "File" and "Save" to save the changes to your project.

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