How to Clean a Taylor Ice Cream Machine

Updated November 21, 2016

The Taylor Company manufactures food service equipment, including frozen drink machines, commercial grills and soft serve ice cream production machines. These machines, designed for use in cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, stores and other commercial environments, need regular cleaning in order to ensure the quality of the ice cream and prevent against the transfer of bacteria and other material. The cleaning process requires a cleaning solution available for purchase at some hardware stores, culinary supply stores, online and from the Taylor Company.

Combine cleaning solution with warm water per the instructions on the cleaning solution bottle.

Locate the prime plug in the bottom of the freezer door and push it down. The prime plug is on the right side of the freezer door behind the handle.

Pour the cleaning solution into the hopper, which is the main bin inside the ice cream machine.

Use a soft bristled brush to scrub the interior of the hopper, including the inlet hole and the sensors inside the hopper.

Push "Wash" and set an empty container under the door spout. Lift up the prime plug and once the cleaning solution starts to flow, slowly lower the draw handle on the top of the machine.

Wait for the solution to finish draining. Pull up the draw handle and press "Wash" again to cancel the wash cycle.

Fill a sink with warm water and cleaning solution. Take the seal off the driveshaft on the freezer door and remove the gasket, o-rings, draw valve, pivot pin, front bearing, the draw handle and prime plug. Use a towel to remove the o-rings by holding on to the o-ring and pushing it forward and up.

Place the parts in the sink, including the dripping pan located on the side of the unit. Scrub all parts clean with the cleaning solution and a brush. Rinse clean and allow to air dry overnight.

Use a brush to scrub the freezing cylinder and drive hub opening, located at the rear of the hopper. Wipe the exterior of the ice cream machine with a clean, damp cloth.

Reassemble the unit.

Things You'll Need

  • Cleaning solution
  • Water
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