How to Remove Wheel Clamps

Updated April 17, 2017

A wheel clamp can protect your car from thieves. By wrapping your clamp to your wheel, thieves can readily see that the vehicle won't be able to move far if they try to steel it. Other antitheft measures include a steering wheel lock, tracking devices, kill switches, an alarm system and fuel system locks. You will need to remove your wheel lock with a key. If you lose your key, however, a simple backup plan is available.

Place the wheel lock key into the keyhole. Some of the clamps use a laser-encrypted key. Only the original key will work in these locks. Turn the key to pop open the lock. Pull the clamp off.

Unscrew the valve cap of your tire to expose the air hole stem if you don't have a key.

Jack your car up just behind the wheel at a sturdy part of the frame below the closed door. Do this near the clamped tire. Press down on the end of the bead to the tire to open the valve. Remove most of the air from the tire.

Pull off the clamp. Reinflate your tire and place it back on the vehicle, or place a spare tire on the vehicle.


Removing a wheel clamp positioned on a vehicle by a police officer for towing is illegal.

Things You'll Need

  • Air pump
  • Car jack
  • Lock key
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