How to Fix the Cartridge on an Oce 2044 Printer

Written by ray padgett | 13/05/2017
How to Fix the Cartridge on an Oce 2044 Printer
Before you replace a broken cartridge, ensure it is really empty. (printer cartridge image by hugy from

The Oce 2044 is a large-format graphic printer suitable for artists, graphic designers and other people who need to present visual data. It prints high-quality images on a much larger scale than a normal printer. Without working ink cartridges, though, the Oce 2044 becomes useless. If a cartridge is broken or empty, you can reset it and then, if necessary, replace it. The printer makes the job easy.

Open the top panel of the printer, located in the back right corner.

Press the ink tank lever next to the problem colour. This will pop up the cartridge. Remove the cartridge.

Shake the cartridge back and forth a few times. If the ink has got clogged or stuck to one side, this will mix it, giving you a little more use before you need to replace it.

Replace the cartridge, and press the ink lever back into place. Close the panel.

Open the top panel, remove the empty cartridge and discard it.

Shake the new cartridge back and forth seven or eight times before removing it from the package.

Remove the cartridge from the package. Place it in the empty cartridge slot, and press the ink lever back down. Close the panel.

Things you need

  • Replacement cartridge

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