How to Play "Risk 2" Multiplayer With a Computer Opponent

Written by kimberly turtenwald | 13/05/2017
How to Play "Risk 2" Multiplayer With a Computer Opponent
Risk 2 allows you to pit your skills against those of computer opponents. (risk image by Francesca Marcolini from

"Risk 2" is a computer version of the classic board game Risk. Players take charge of their own military and disperse that military throughout the world, laying claim to countries around the world. Players then take turns, strengthening their armies and taking over the countries of other players. Risk 2 is a multiplayer game. It cannot be played alone. Versions of the game are available for download online that allow you to play against computer opponents.

Download Risk 2. The game can be downloaded from several websites, including, and

Choose the version of the game you would like to play. Risk 2 offers players several play options. The classic version is the most commonly used. A single-player tournament and a game in which all players make their moves at the same time are also available. The classic version allows players to play against computer opponents. The game also allows you to play over the Internet with other players.

Set computer opponents. Risk 2 can be played by up to eight players. Choose the number of total players you would like to play with. Set the computer players you would like to play against. Players choose between famous 17th and 18th century generals from around the world. Each computer opponent has its own style and level of difficulty.

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