How to Convert Serial Date Number to Date in BusinessObjects

Updated March 23, 2017

BusinessObjects is a leading business intelligence tool used to query data from the database. The data is presented in a simplified format allowing end users to create reports and analyse the information to make business decisions. Dates are selected using classes and objects found within hierarchies that are used to obtain further details. Detailed transactions containing dates for vendor invoices, sales orders and purchase orders can be obtained and formatted according to the user's specifications.

Highlight the cell, row or column that contains the number that needs to be formatted. Open the cell format dialogue box by right-clicking, or by clicking "Cell" from the format menu in the toolbar. Several cell formatting tabs will appear, including number, alignment, font and shading tabs.

Select the "Number" tab. Several number categories will appear, including standard, custom and number. Highlight the date/time category and a list of date formats will appear in a list in the right box. Select the date format you wish to use for your report and press "OK." The new date format is now applied to your report. Save your changes.

Customise your date based on a standard format found in the date/time category in the cell format dialogue box or by creating a formula within a variable using the variable editor if you wish.

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