How to Plant a Christmas Tree Farm

Plant a Christmas tree farm as a business or a fundraiser for your organisation. Christmas tree farms have relatively low start-up costs and high potential profitability. Depending on the size of your Christmas tree farm, you may be able to perform the necessary maintenance yourself and further reduce the cost and increase profits. Once the trees have matured, hayrides can be offered to add to the profits or offset costs of maintenance for the farm.

Plan the layout and lifespan of your tree farm. Trees planted now will be ready for sale in approximately four to five years. Divide the land into four to five plots for continued yearly profitability thereafter.

Determine the types and number of trees to plant and where on the plot they will be planted. Having the soil tested can help you determine which type of trees will grow best on your land. Trees can be planted in mixed order, or the plot can be sectioned by type of tree.

Research average rainfall for your area to determine if you will need to install an irrigation system. New trees need to be watered four to six times per week for the first six months.

Clear the land. You might be able to sell any trees on the land to cover costs of the tree farm start-up. Excavation equipment can be rented depending on what needs to be done to the land.

Prepare the plots for planting. Equipment can be rented to accomplish this task as well, and the time and effort saved will be worth the rental price. You will need to till the soil and dig holes for each tree at approximately 8-foot intervals.

Purchase seeds or seedlings from vendors such as Weyerhauser or Willey's Christmas Trees. Place one seed or seedling in each hole and fill in the hole with the dirt that was removed earlier.


Draw a diagram of the tree farm and a layout of the trees by type for future reference.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 acre of land for every 681 trees
  • Excavation equipment or service
  • Tiller
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