How to Repair a Beep Code 10 in a Pride Scooter

Updated July 19, 2017

Pride scooters occasionally require some troubleshooting. Many problems occur because the batteries are not fully charged or no longer hold a charge. You may use Pride's diagnostic code to identify and resolve problems with your scooter. If you've heard a series of 10 beeps or observed a series of 10 flashes on the LED display, this is an indication of high battery voltage. The batteries have been overcharged and the scooter will not run until you resolve the problem.

Use the battery charger supplied with the scooter. Pride Mobility advises owners to use only the manufacturer-approved charger. If you've used another type of charger, which may have caused damage to the battery, call an authorised Pride dealer for assistance (see Resources).

According to Pride Mobility, excessive voltage to the controller is often caused by a poor battery connection. The battery should be wired as follows: red to positive (+) and black to negative (-).

Leave the scooter turned on to partially drain the batteries. However, do not allow the batteries to drain completely, as this may cause damage to the charger.

Contact an authorised Pride Mobility dealer if the batteries continue to overcharge. A service technician may recommend load-testing the batteries in your unit.


Do not charge the batteries longer than 24 hours during a charging cycle.

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