How to Hide Recycle Bins Outdoors

Written by tina amo | 13/05/2017
How to Hide Recycle Bins Outdoors
Use creative methods to keep recycle bins out of sight (Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Recycle bins may be a necessity, but they detract from the decor of a home. Since it is not necessary to have the cans in front of the house until trash collection day, they may remain in a less conspicuous area for most of the week. However, owners may find the bright colours of some bins disturbing against the natural hues of the landscape. Fortunately, various ways exist to hide these bins or make them less visible outdoors.

Erect an outdoor screen enclosure around the bin. This type of screen usually has four panels and can be arranged in a "U," "L" or zigzag shape. Screen material is available in various materials, including wood and metal.

Place the recycle bins behind a high hedge or fence to obstruct them from the view of anyone on the street.

Add a step behind a gate and place the bins on it. The step should be low enough so that the bin is not visible over the gate.

Construct a small shed to store the recycle bins outside. If this is beyond your current expertise, hire a woodwork expert or purchase a manufactured shed designed for bins.

Camouflage the bins: paint them to blend in with the background. If the bins stand next to a brown wall, paint them in the same shade of brown.

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