How to Put a Thomas Big Loader Set Together

Updated July 20, 2017

Remote control model train sets are a lot of fun. This one is even more fun, since it features the beloved Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Still, this set includes more than 30 different pieces. You might be daunted by the amount of assembly required. The instructions that came in the box might intimidate you as well. It may look like there's a lot going on, but with time, patience and an "AA" battery, you'll have a working Thomas Big Loader in no time.

Clear a space big enough to use the finished play set. Choose either a hard surface or thin carpet. Fluffy carpet makes it difficult for the track to lay flat, which is important to get the pieces to move properly.

Arrange the contents of your play set by type. Separate the tracks, hopper, trains and balls. Verify that you have all the pieces.

Connect the individual track pieces. Each piece only connects with two other pieces. Your track should look like the picture on the box.

Assemble the Hopper. The Hopper is piece that looks like a bucket. Attach the Hopper to its supports and connect the supports to the track. Give the pieces a push to ensure they are connected all the way.

Attach the Loading Trough. Snap together the Loading Gate and the Trough itself.

Install the battery so the "+" symbol lines up with the "+" symbol on the chassis. Place the plastic cover over the battery.

Place the chassis on the track. Fit the two small pins sticking out from the bottom of the chassis firmly into the slot in the centre of the track.

Attach the character train model of your choice to the front of the chassis, with the model's face pointing in the same direction as the arrow on the chassis.

Flip the "on" switch. Use the controls to change the direction that your models travel.


You can connect this play set with the Big Big Loader play set.


The play set includes small balls which fit into the Loading Trough. Keep these out of the reach of small children. Make certain that the battery is installed correctly and that the plastic lid is completely closed before using the play set.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 AA battery
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