How to make a memory book for your boyfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

A memory book, or a scrapbook, is a way to document and share memories with your significant other. Giving a memory book to your boyfriend for his birthday, for Christmas or as an anniversary present is a unique way to celebrate because you can add to the memory book year after year. You can fill the memory book with pictures, ticket stubs, invitations, letters you have written each other and other personal effects.

Gather pictures of you and your boyfriend that have special meaning to you. These can be pictures from a first or especially romantic date, birthdays, holidays and vacations. Choose pictures from events you remember most.

Find ticket stubs from movies or concerts you and your boyfriend have gone to together; these stubs can be paired with pictures from the event if you have them. Also look to see if you have any invitations to parties or special events that both of you attended.

Buy a scrapbooking album or a picture album to start organising the memory book. If you are using a scrapbook, the pages are designed to contain decorative items. You can purchase decorations for the book, such as ribbons, accents and cut-outs to put in the memory book. You can also buy special pages to correspond with the different themes and events in the memory book; for example, if you want to dedicate a page to Valentine's Day, you can buy paper with hearts and Cupids on it.

Arrange your photos, memorabilia and decorations in the plastic sleeves of the scrapbook or photo album. You can arrange the memory book chronologically or by themes, such as vacations, birthdays and romantic occasions. Use craft glue to secure any cut-outs or decorative items to the scrapbooking paper if you are using these items in the memory book.

Continue to add to the scrapbook as your relationship goes on. You can create new pages or add to existing ones as you make new memories with your boyfriend.

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