How to make a fountain for a school project

Updated July 20, 2017

School projects are supposed to be fun activity for kids without burdening them with boring tasks. You can inspire your kids to have fun and learn something new while making an simple fountain at home. Let the kids help you with the easier steps while assembling the fountain. For the rest of the more difficult processes you can ask them to watch carefully while explaining them what you are doing in order to keep them interested in the project. You will only need some basic household items and crafts supplies to get the fountain up and running.

Remove all three bottle caps and drill through each of them to create two holes side by side in each cap. The holes should be just wide enough to let your plastic tubing slip through it.

Place one of the bottle caps on the bottom of one of the bottles and trace the drilled holes. Drill out the marks on the bottle to make identical holes to the ones in the caps. This bottle will be the middle of the fountain.

Cut one of the remaining bottles in half and discard the bottom. You will use the top half with the opening as the top of the fountain.

Fill the last untouched bottle with 2 inches of water and screw one of the drilled caps on. Pass the 15-inch piece of tube through the right side hole. This is the bottom of the fountain.

Adjust the 15-inch tube in the bottom of the fountain until the bottom of the tube is ½ inch from the bottom of the bottle. Use the clay to secure the tube in place and make an airtight seal.

Slide the 9-inch tube into the left hole in the lid and secure the tube with clay. The 9-inch tube should have 3 inches of tube inside the bottom bottle.

Screw one of the remaining lids onto the middle bottle with the holes drilled into the bottom. Turn the bottle upside down so the cap is downward and the drilled bottom is upward.

Insert the tubes from the bottom of the fountain through the holes in the cap of the middle. The 9-inch tube will stay inside the middle but the 15 inch tube will extend all the way through the middle and the top bottle.

Press the middle of the fountain down against the bottom to push the clay around all of the tubing and create a seal around each part. Make sure the 15 inch tube is coming through the holes on the top of the middle fountain section and seal it with clay.

Fill the middle with water using a funnel in the empty hole then slide the 11-inch tube into the empty hole. The tube should go into the water and stop 2 inches above the bottom of the middle section.

Seal the 11-inch tube and press the last bottle cap onto the top of the middle section with the threads facing up. The very end of the 15-inch tube and the rest of the 11-inch tube should come through the holes in the upper most lid.

Turn the top of the fountain upside down so the cut edge is facing up and screw the threaded opening onto the lid on the top of middle section of fountain. Make sure the join between the top and middle sections is completely airtight.

Fill the open top of the fountain with water until 2 inches below the cut edge. Set the fountain at some place where it will not be touched and allow it to run.


You can add food colouring to the water so you can see it travelling through the tubes.


Don't leave the fountain unattended near items that are not water proof as the fountain could spring a leak and damage your things.

Things You'll Need

  • Three 4791gr plastic water bottles with caps
  • Power drill
  • Marker
  • Modelling clay
  • Funnel
  • 15-inch plastic tubing
  • 9-inch plastic tubing
  • 11-inch plastic tubing
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