How to make a flute from a carrot

Updated July 20, 2017

A carrot flute gives new meaning to playing with your food. You can make a healthy snack fun by making a musical instrument out of a carrot. This creative way to share the love of music with your children is both fun and funny. This creative flute will keep your children busy and when music time is over the carrot flute can be eaten as a snack. This project is a great way to share laughter and music with your children. You can let older children make the flute with supervision but adults should make the flute for young children.

Wash your carrot under cool water to remove all dirt. Let the carrot dry. Cut off the stem end of the carrot with a sharp knife.

Disinfect a 6 to12 mm drill bit by cleaning it with dish soap and hot water. Drill the hole from the cut end into the centre of the carrot with a drill fitted with the 6 to 12mm drill bit. Drill a quarter of the way into the carrot for a high pitched noise and drill halfway down into the carrot to create a deeper sound.

Set the blade of your knife about quarter of the way over the drilled hole. Make an angled slice from the hole to about a ½ inch down the side of the carrot. Make a small angled slice on the opposite side of the carrot to about ¼ inch down the side with your knife. Do not slice into the hole with the second cut like with the first cut.

Play your flute. Set your lip onto the small angled cut of the carrot and blow over the drilled hole. The air will create a flute noise.


The carrot flute can last a few hours if sprayed with water so it doesn't dry out. Get creative by experimenting to make flutes and other musical instruments out of other fruits and vegetables.


Adult supervision should be given when children are playing with the carrot flute. A parent or guardian should create the carrot flute for young children because sharp knives and power tools are used in the making of a carrot flute.

Things You'll Need

  • Carrot
  • Sharp knife
  • 6 to 12mm drill bit
  • Dish soap
  • Drill
  • Ruler
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