How to Remove Light Scratches From Wood Tables

Updated February 21, 2017

Small, shallow scratches in wood tables can make your furniture appear worn out and decrepit. These light scratches may occur from keys dropped on the wood table or dishes scooted against the surface. Fixing these slight hollows in your wood table involves either filling in the scratch, or disguising it so it blends into the wood colour. With either solution, your wood table should look blemish-free once more.

Spray a clean cloth with a dust-removing spray. Wipe the cloth onto the wood table, removing dirt and dust from within the scratch.

Place a stain pen at one end of the scratch. Run the pen inside the scratch mark to the opposite end. Lift the pen and place it back at the top of the scratch. Run the pen inside the scratch once more.

Inspect the scratch mark. If the blemish remains noticeable, continue applying the stain pen inside the scratch. Examine the mark after each application. Continue until the mark blends with the rest of the wood.

Place a small piece of the meat from a Brazil nut or walnut into one end of the scratch.

Rub the nut meat into the shallow dent in the wood table, working in the same direction as the wood grain. The nut fills and darkens the blemish, blending the scratch into the wood. Continue filling with the nut until the scratch area is flush with the rest of the table surface.

Wipe the wood table with a soft cloth to remove nut residue from the surface.


Use Brazil nuts and walnuts for darker finishes of wood.

Things You'll Need

  • Dust-removing spray
  • Clean cloths
  • Wood stain pen
  • Brazil nut or walnut
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