How to Get a 115 Security Clearance on "Zombie Map Five"

Updated April 17, 2017

"Call of Duty: Black Ops" is a game that was released for multiple gaming consoles in November of 2010. Like the previous "Call of Duty" game developed by Treyarch, "Black Ops" features a "Nazi Zombies" game mode and one of the maps available is called "Five." While playing on map "Five", the "115 Security Clearance" is required to access the "Pack-A-Punch" machine, which is used to upgrade weapons so that players can survive longer.

Select "Zombies" from the main screen and start a match on map "Five."

Open the door that costs 750 points from the starting room and go through the doorway. Turn right and go down the hallway toward the elevator.

Clear the debris in front of the elevator, which costs 1,000 points. Get on the elevator and go down one floor, which costs 250 points.

Go down the stairs directly in front of you after getting off the elevator. You will have to clear more debris to go down the stairs, which costs 1,000 points.

Take a left as you are exiting the stairs and head toward another elevator. Clear the debris to get onto the elevator, which costs 1,000 points.

Choose to go down another floor, which will cost 250 points. The floor you are about to leave is the "War Room" and you will need to return to it after you activate the power switch.

Go straight after exiting the elevator and turn left into a room with a number "3" painted on the wall. Activate the power switch and then return to the elevator so that you can return to the "War Room."

Look along the walls of the "War Room" for four levers that look like fire alarms and activate each one. There are two on the bottom level of the "War Room" and two on its upper level.

Enter the portal in the middle of the "War Room" to go to the "Pack-A-Punch" machine. Activating all of the switches in Step 8 will grant the player "115 Security Clearance," also known as reaching "Def-con 5."


Points are gained by shooting zombies, repairing windows and picking up power-ups.


A player must have at least 4,250 points to clear the path to the power switch.

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