How to Paint a Clock Face

Updated April 17, 2017

Almost everyone is familiar with the basic clock face, and artists often feature the subject in their work as the focal point or as part of the setting. Whether you want to depict a standard clock face as a unique painting to hang on a wall in your home, or want to use it as an idea as an art project for kids, you can paint a clock face with just a few basic art supplies.

Pour small amounts of white and black paint onto separate areas on a painter's palette.

Dip a paintbrush into the white paint.

Paint a solid circle shape.

Rinse your paintbrush, and dip it into the black paint.

Paint a small, solid black circle in the centre of the white circle.

Paint the number "1" at the very top of the clock face, the number "3" at centre right, the number "6" at the very bottom and the number "9" centre left. Fill in the remaining numbers from 1 through 12 appropriately, keeping them as evenly spaced as possible.

Paint two hands for the clock, one shorter (the hour hand) and one about double that length (the minute hand) both coming out from the centre point of the clock face and spanning straight outward.


No rule for what colour a clock should be, so you can substitute different colours of paint for those used here. You can also choose variations of the clock hands; some are completely straight, others have a point or arrow on the end and others are triangular. You can add in a third clock hand for a second hand -- typically the same length or longer than the minute hand, only in a different colour or slightly thinner than the others to allow for differentiation.

Things You'll Need

  • White acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Palette
  • Paintbrush
  • Art paper or canvas
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