Ideas for Daisy Duke Halloween Costumes

Updated November 21, 2016

The 1980s television show "The Dukes of Hazzard" featured a character named Daisy Duke, known for wearing short shorts. Dressing up as Daisy Duke is a costume choice that's sultry and recognisable.


To get the Daisy Duke look down to the original character, played in the 1980s by Catherine Bach, you should have dark brown or chestnut-coloured hair. Hair should be at least six inches past the shoulder. You can use a brown wig if you have blond or short hair. Part your hair down the middle and make it into pigtail braids, one on each side of your head. Secure the ends of the braids with red ribbons or hair ties to complete the look.


Daisy Duke was known for having natural beauty, so keep make-up to a minimum when getting your costume pulled together. Stick with light eyeliner and use subtle shades of brown eyeshadow. You can use red lipstick to help showcase the more sultry side of the character. To add a touch of charm to your make-up, use a brown eyeliner pencil and place freckles around your nose and dot a few on your cheeks as well. You can play up the Southern roots of the character also by having a piece of grass of wheat as a prop that you can chew from time to time. If you don't want to use a prop such as wheat, chew gum while in character.


The main element of a Daisy Duke costume is the trousers. No ordinary trousers will do. You should wear cut-off, faded jean shorts to make a classic Daisy Duke costume completely noticeable. Make sure that the shorts have frayed hems and are as short as possible. For a top, wear a gingham plaid shirt in red and white checks or a solid white button-down shirt. Tie the bottom of the shirt together to make a cropped top and leave a couple buttons on the top unsecured. You can also add extras to your costume, such as a bandanna tied around your neck, cowboy hat or even a bolero necklace.


Daisy Duke, according to the character's portrayal, was a country girl at heart. To keep your costume in character, wear cowboy boots to complete your look. Opt for traditional boots with a slight heel. If you don't have access to cowboy boots or don't want to invest too much in to your costume, a simple pair of black pumps or heels works in a pinch. The point of the footwear is to show off your legs and highlight your "Daisy Duke" shorts.

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