How to install a wireless aerial

Updated February 21, 2017

A wireless aerial (cable) system is an excellent way to maximise the convenience of any home cable-TV set-up. A coaxial cable or aerial attaches to a wireless aerial system, and the system broadcasts the cable signal to the TV wirelessly. Therefore, if you have a cable outlet on one end of the room and a TV on the other end, you can connect the TV to your cable service without the need to run any cumbersome coaxial cables across the floor from the outlet to the TV.

Attach the coaxial cable from your wall cable outlet to the wireless transmitter's coaxial input connection. Turn the hexagonal coaxial connector until it is just hand-tight.

Attach the coaxial, RCA or other type of audio/video connection cable from the wireless receiver to the corresponding input on your TV. For instance, if your aerial wireless system features RCA output ports, connect a set of RCA cables from the output ports to the RCA inputs on your TV.

Configure the TV to receive signals from the wireless aerial system. To recall the example in Step 2, tune the TV to the RCA video input into which you plugged the wireless receiver. Assuming the wireless transmitter is properly connected to a coaxial outlet that has been installed with cable service, you should now see a picture on the TV's video input.

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial, RCA, or other type of audio/video connection cable or cables
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