How to Sell Vintage Magazines

Updated February 21, 2017

Vintage magazines are great collectibles. If you have a large collection, you may be thinking about selling them to get extra cash. Selling vintage magazines can be a fun experience because you are providing a magazine enthusiast with that rare collectable. It can be a daunting and difficult task trying to find the appropriate venue to sell your vintage magazines. With the right expertise, you can sell your vintage magazines and place those items in the right hands.

Prepare the vintage magazines before you put them up for sale. Carefully clean and dust them off. Keep the magazines away from sunlight to prevent them from getting discoloured.

Sell your vintage magazines to speciality bookstores. There are many bookstores that may be interested in your vintage magazines. The bookstore may pay a higher price for a particular magazine, if it was printed at a popular time or if it's a rare issue.

Place your vintage magazines on a popular auction website. eBay is great way to get your rare magazines in front of magazine enthusiasts. You can set the bidding price and allow individuals to bid until someone wins or you can set one flat price and any individual can purchase the magazine.

Sell your vintage magazines at your local antique shop or speciality store. You can inquire about selling your magazines with the owner. If you have vintage computer magazines you can try to sell the items at a local computer shop. It may be best to find a place that is targeted to a particular group of individuals; they might be interested in buying your magazines. If you plan on selling vintage magazines through a third party, you may need to provide them with a cut of the earnings.

Put your vintage magazines for sale at a yard sale. You may not get a significant amount of money for the items at a yard sale but you might get them sold. You chances for higher earnings are better if you sell the magazines in sets, as opposed to individual issues.

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