How to Make a Casper the Friendly Ghost Costume

Updated March 23, 2017

Casper the Friendly Ghost is a character from an animated cartoon series, in which Casper was very kind and personable to anyone he met. The character Casper was created by Joe Oriolo and Seymour Reit in the 1930s. Creating your own Casper costume is fairly easy. All you need is the right material and tools to transform yourself into a ghost.

Adjust the white sheet over the person who is going to wear the costume. Place the white sheet over the person's head. Use your hands to adjust the sheet all around the person. You want to make sure it is properly and evenly falling all around the person's body. Make sure the sheet is not touching the floor.

Determine where you want to cut out eyes on the sheet while the sheet is over the person. Let the person who is covered with the white sheet very lightly draw a circle, on the sheet, where their eyes are located with a black felt pen. You will assist the person by moving the person's hand to make a light circle on the white sheet where the person's eyes are located. Avoid poking the person's eyes.

Cut out the eye holes on the white sheet with scissors. The person needs to take off the white sheet completely in order for you to do this. Cut out the eyes bigger than the eye markings that you made. Poke one of the arms of the scissors into the sheet and then slowly cut around the eye area.

Apply ghost make-up. Apply white make-up with a small paint brush to paint around the eye cavity and all around the eye where skin will be exposed through the eye holes. You don't want any of your skin to show. This helps you to appear more like a ghost. Then dab a sponge with baby powder around the eye area. This will keep the make-up from rubbing off on the sheet. Find the eye holes on the sheet and help place the sheet back over the person who will wear the costume. Make sure that the eyes are equally levelled.

Gather up lightly some of the fabric behind the person to insert a large safety pin to keep the costume in place. You want to gather together fabric a little lower than the neck and in the middle of the shoulder blades. This should make the sheet smoother around the person's head, but not too tight. Then use safety pins to pin the sheet at the bottom of your arm area to keep the sheet in place.

Cut any excess material from the sheet that is falling on the ground. Put on your white socks and white gym shoes and now you are Casper the Friendly Ghost.


You may want to puncture the nose area so you can breathe.

Things You'll Need

  • White sheet
  • Black felt pen
  • White socks
  • White make-up
  • Sponge
  • Saftey pin
  • Baby powder
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
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