How to Register Pinnacle Game Profiler

Updated July 19, 2017

Some people enjoy playing computer games but dislike controlling games with the mouse and keyboard. Some prefer the feel of a console-style gamepad or joystick instead. However, many computer games do not have gamepad support. Pinnacle Game Profiler is a utility that claims to resolve this issue by allowing users to use the buttons on a gamepad to simulate mouse movements or key presses. Pinnacle Game Profiler includes a 30-day free trial period. After the trial expires, you must register and purchase the software to continue using it.

Launch Pinnacle Game Profiler by clicking "Start" on the Microsoft Windows task bar or double-clicking the desktop shortcut.

Click the "Buy Pinnacle Now" link at the top of the window. A browser window opens and navigates to the purchase page for Pinnacle Game Profiler.

Click in the "New Password" box under "Choose Password." Type the word that you would like to use as your own unique password for Pinnacle Game Profiler and then repeat the password in the "Confirm Password" box to verify that you typed it correctly.

Click the "PayPal" button to purchase Pinnacle Game Profiler using PayPal, or click the "Google Checkout" button instead. You can pay for Pinnacle Game Profiler using a credit card or check.

Follow the prompts on the screen to enter your payment information and supply an e-mail address. Make sure that the email address is accurate, as the information needed to unlock the full version of Pinnacle Game Profiler is sent to the email address that you enter.

Check the email address that you provided in for a new message from Pinnacle Game Profiler. Open the email; it contains a unique serial number linked to the password that you selected.

Return to the Pinnacle Game Profiler window. Enter the password that you selected in Step 3, and the serial number from the email that you opened in Step 5. This completes the registration process and unlocks the full version of Pinnacle Game Profiler.

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