How to Use Curtain Tape

Updated March 23, 2017

Curtain tape or pleater tape helps you to install your draperies much easier and faster. Curtain tape allows you to automatically make creases or pleats in the drape fabric, without having to do so manually, which can be time-consuming. You can pick up curtain tape at any arts and craft store or home improvement store. Learn how to use curtain tape in your drapery installation projects by following a few simple steps.

Stretch out your curtain tape gently, to prevent if from ripping. Form a crease in the pleating tape, and fold your desired shape. Insert a drapery hook into the crease, and fasten the crease to hold the shape. Hook the crease in place. Make sure that the hook faces the back of the crease, to connect it to the curtain rod.

Drape your curtain tape and the beginning crease in place on your curtain rod, with a drapery hook. Continue the pattern, and space your creases in place. Insert a drapery hook into each crease, then hang the crease, once you place a hook. Once you are done, your curtain rod length should be completely covered. Cut the curtain tape from the roll.

Remove the curtain tape from the curtain rod. Lay the curtain tape on a flat surface, with the creases faced upward. Lay your drapery material over the curtain tape, and slide the drapery material into the folds of the creases, then pin it. Use straight pins along the bottom edge of the curtain tape and through the drapes, where the top edge of the curtain tape coincides with the top of the drapery material.

Fold the edges of your drape fabric over the back of the curtain tape. Then, fasten the drape fabric into place. Turn on your sewing machine, and use it to sew the bottom edge of the curtain tape to the drape. Place your iron on the "Cotton" setting.

Join the curtain tape to the drape fabric using your iron. Turn your drapes, to have the curtain tape facing upward. Start ironing at the beginning edge, then move the iron in quick motions from the top to the bottom of the tape. Separate each crease with your hand, without removing the pins, then join each part of the crease to the fabric, individually. Go back to the sewing machine and sew the top edge of the hem of the drape, to finish attaching your curtain tape.

Things You'll Need

  • Curtain tape (pleater tape)
  • Drape fabric
  • Hooks
  • Iron
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
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