How to Use a Cow Rope Halter

Written by christy bagasao | 13/05/2017
How to Use a Cow Rope Halter
Rope halters are simple tools for controlling cattle. (cow image by pearlguy from

Rope halters are designed to easily slip onto cattle to lead or tie them. The halters are inexpensive and can be handmade or purchased at a farm supply store. Rope halters for cattle are adjustable, so the same halter can be used for many animals within a herd. They are durable and will keep for years if not stored wet. Rope halters slide onto cattle faster than a buckle halter, and are therefore practical for farm use.

Loosen the head stall and chin strap of the rope halter. The head stall is the large loop and the nose piece is the small loop. The chin strap is the bottom of the nose piece when the lead rope knot is facing the cow's left.

Hold the head stall in your right hand while holding the nose piece open with your left hand. Hold the lead rope with your left hand to keep it from dragging or becoming tangled in the cow's legs.

Approach the cow's left side.

Slide the nose piece over the nose of the cow, positioning the chin strap under the jaw.

Pull the head stall over the cow's head and rest the rope behind both ears.

Hold the halter in place and pull the lead to tighten the head stall and chin strap to fit.

Stand on the cow's left side. Using your right hand, grasp the lead rope 18 inches from the cow's chin.

Tug on the halter as you walk to signal the cow to follow. If this is the cow's first time leading, walk toward something the cow likes, such as a water trough or food bin.

Things you need

  • Rope halter

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