How to Make a Virgo Male Fall in Love With You

Updated November 21, 2016

Virgo men are known for being dependable, loyal, and sincere in relationships. They are often understated as romantic partners, unlikely to be swept away by waves of passion, but wholly dedicated and caring to their partner. If you find yourself falling for a Virgo male, understanding some of the traits common among Virgo men may give you an advantage in showing him that you would be a good match for him and winning his heart.

Dress well. Virgo males are known for their attention to their own appearance as well as their coordinated, neat, and stylish wardrobes. They pay attention to the appearance of others as well as their own. Make sure your clothes are clean and neat and your hair is always washed and presentable. In other words, always keep your appearance tidy.

Be aware of his critical side. Virgo males are typically perfectionists, and this can bring out their critical sides. Keep in mind that any criticism he deals you is not done out of spite, but rather because it's simply in his nature. Don't take it personally.

Show him your practical side. The Virgo male is more concerned with practicality than frivolousness, and tends to fall in love based on an assessment of your worth as a partner rather than based on a romantic whim. Show him that you are an ideal partner for him.

Be dependable. Virgos often feel insecure about their lives and the people around them. If you're consistent and dependable and provide him with the security he needs, you stand a much better chance at winning his heart.


Keep in mind that astrological signs aren't the only predictors of personality traits --- many other factors also shape personality. By following these guidelines, you'll have a better chance of attracting a Virgo male and winning his heart, but it is by no means guaranteed.


Don't try to be someone you're not. If you have these traits within you, bring them out, but if they're not part of your personality, you'd be better off chasing after someone more similar to yourself than the Virgo male.

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