How to Stop Skateboard Razor Tail

Updated February 21, 2017

Skateboard damage is a reality skateboarders constantly deal with. The nature of skateboarding puts significant wear and tear on the board. One of the most common types of damage is razor tail. This is when the rear tail grinds against the ground enough times to create a sharp, razor-like point. This is dangerous for two reasons. First, a razor tail can easily cut the skater. Second, the board material has been worn away which makes the board susceptible to breaking. Fortunately there are accessories and tips you can use to fight razor tail.

Place a skateboard guard on back of the skateboard. A skateboard guard is a rubber lip that fits around the outer edge of the board. When you press down on the tail to stop or perform a trick, the guard will make contact with the floor and not the board. This protects the board from the harmful grinding that causes razor tail.

Add deck laminate to your skateboard. Laminate is a protective coating covering the entire board that protects against cracks, scratches and other common forms of skateboard damage. Laminate will also temporarily protect the board from razor tail but will wear off. New laminate must be placed on the board for further protection.

Add several layers of duct tape to the bottom of the skateboard so the duct tape makes contact with the floor when you step down on the skateboard's tail. The tape will act as a buffer between the ground and the board. You'll have to check the tape often because it will wear off quickly depending on how often you use your skateboard. Duct tape may also leave a mark on the bottom of the board. A tail guard is a better option if you're concerned about this happening to your board, but most people won't see the board's underside anyway.

Change the way you skate to prevent contact between the tail and the ground. This will only work for people that use skateboards as a mode of transportation and do not intend on performing tricks. Placing your foot on the ground to stop instead of stepping down on the tail will prevent razor tail.

Things You'll Need

  • Skateboard guard
  • Duct tap
  • Deck laminate
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