How to convert VHS tapes to DVD on a single machine

Updated April 17, 2017

Extend the life of precious memories or your favourite shows by transferring old VHS tapes to DVDs using one machine. VHS cassettes can lose quality over time as the tape itself degrades. Dust and frequent usage can wear down and potentially damage a VHS cassette. Transferring the video to a DVD will place the video on a more resilient format. Using a VCR/DVD recorder combination player can allow VHS to DVD transfer using one device.

Plug the VCR/DVD recorder unit into a power outlet and connect the unit to your TV. Place a blank DVD into the DVD tray. Make sure the recordable DVD type works with the combo recorder. Insert the VHS cassette that will be converted into the VHS deck.

Press play on the VCR. Watch the VHS cassette until it reaches the exact location that you want to start the conversion and then press the "Pause" button on the remote. Press the "Dubbing" button on the remote or on the VCR/DVD recorder face. Select the recording mode when the Dubbing menu appears on the screen.

Scroll to the "Dubbing" option using the direction buttons then press "Enter" to start the dubbing process. The recording will stop automatically when done. Press "Pause" during the recording process if necessary and both devices will pause.

Add additional video to the DVD if there is still available space. Place another VHS that needs to be converted into the VHS player and locate the preferred stating point. Start the dubbing option to record to convert the new VHS where the old one ended.

Press "Menu" when recording is complete then scroll down to get to the "Disc" option. Press the right directional button then scroll down to "Finalize" and select start. Finalising the disc will close the disc from any further recording. Once finalised, the disc can be shared with friends and family.


Use a DVD-R/+R disc for better quality. Edit the disc if available on the recorder before finalising.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank DVD
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