4X4 Rubiks Cube Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

The Rubik's Cube is a puzzle game that has baffled people for years. Each side of the Rubik's Cube has coloured squares that slide and mix together with the other coloured sides. The point of the puzzle is to get each of the coloured squares back into its original position on the cube. Because each side can slide horizontally and vertically, this puzzle can be tricky to solve. The 4x4, or Rubik's Revenge, is difficult to solve because it has no stable centre pieces.

Determine which colours are opposite on the cube. Look for a side that has two adjacent corner pieces in the same colour. Check the opposite side of those two cubes where two corner cubes of a different colour should be.

Select one of the two opposite colours to work on. Move the cube until two of those coloured cubes are side by side in the middle of one of the sides of the cube.

Search for two squares of the opposite colour of your first. Adjust the cube until two cubes of the opposite colour are together on the opposite side of your first colour, if the opposite colour is not set already.

Locate two squares in the colour of your second colour and move the squares until they are lined up in a row and align them with your other two colours to create a complete centre. Locate two squares in your first colour and move the sides around the side with your completed centre to get the two coloured pieces lined up with your other row. Check to see if you still have a coloured centre on one side and another on the opposite.

Turn your cube so one opposite colour is on top and the other is on the bottom in order to solve the other centres. Locate two other colours to work on that are not the opposite colours you just completed. Move the cube until you have a row of two in one of the colours. Locate two other pieces in the other colour and twist the cube until you have created a row of two next to the other colour, making sure your top and bottom opposite colours are still intact.

Follow the same steps to make a centre with the other two colours on two adjacent sides of the cube, ensuring that you do not disturb the top and bottom opposite colours. Repeat previous steps for solving the remaining two centres, if they are not already solved. Check to make sure your original corner pieces still match the colour of the centre on that side.

Turn the top and bottom sections 90 degrees or 180 degrees accordingly until you have lined up a row of two colours on each side of the matching coloured middle squares, forming a sort of flower shape. Most of the cube should already be solved. Manipulate the cube if a row of two is out of place or if your corners are mixed up. Move the tops and sides 90 degrees or 180 degrees until all the colours have lined up.


Try a 3x3 cube and practice until you are good at solving it before you attempt the 4x4. Don't become frustrated if you don't solve the cube on the first try. The solution usually takes multiple attempts.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubik's Cube
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