How to store clothes in a bedroom with no closet

Updated February 21, 2017

A closet, especially a spacious one, can serve as a wonderful way to keep items organised and achieve a clutter-free room. However, if your bedroom doesn't have a closet, implementing a few decorative storage accents into your bedroom will keep things tidy even if there isn't any closet space.

Separate your clothing according to what is in season. Place off season clothing in the flat bins and stow them under your bed.

Paint or decorate the clothing rack to match your room's decor so it will serve as an attractive piece in the room. For instance, select a bronze or gold clothing rack if your room features these metallic shades, then wrap strips of velvet or silk ribbon around the rack to create stripes in another colour that complements the bedroom's theme.

Hang your clothing on the hangers to create a colour-coordinated system. For instance, black and grey clothing can go on the black hangers. Blue hangers can be reserved for dressy clothes, while white hangers are for professional outfits.

Add a chest of drawers to the room for extra storage, in keeping with your bedroom's decorative scheme. For instance, a chest of drawers made of distressed wood will complement an antique-style bedroom. Store sweaters and fitness clothes in the chest of drawers.

Include a bookshelf in the bedroom. Large shelf sets can be placed against the wall or a small bookshelf in a bright colour will complement the corner of the room well. Adorn the shelves by gluing a strip of brightly coloured fabric on the front of the shelf to make the piece especially attractive, or add patterned wallpaper to the surface of the shelves in your room's decor scheme. Use the bookshelf to store small clothing items like socks, underwear and tank tops. You can also use smaller bins on a bookshelf to contain small items of clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Under-bed storage bins
  • Portable clothing rack
  • Hangers in various colours
  • Chest of drawers
  • Bookshelf
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