Instructions for an Argos Teepee Tent

Updated May 23, 2018

Argos manufactures three different tepee-style shelters, but all use the same set-up instructions. The tepees sleep two, four and 12 people and they are primarily distributed in the United Kingdom. The shelters can be erected in less than one hour and they have an included ground cloth to prevent water from entering beneath the tent. The tepee is a tradition shelter. The simplicity in the design makes it very effective. One primary centre pole creates a peak and all of the moisture runs off the sloped walls.

Select a flat, level campsite. Remove all of the protruding objects from the ground area to create a smooth sleeping surface. Remove the tent, stakes and centre pole from the stuff sack.

Connect the individual segments of the centre pole by sliding the small-diameter ends into the large-diameter ends.

Lay the tepee on the ground and spread out the material. Fold half of the material back to expose the peak. Connect the centre pole to the peak by sliding the small-diameter side of the pole into the peak fitting.

Set the bottom of the centre pole on the ground to erect the peak of the tent. Pull out the edges of the fabric and stake the edges of the tent by pounding the stakes through the loops with a rock.

Pull the guy lines tight to the ground and pound stakes through the loops with a rock. Do this for all of the guy lines to tighten the fabric and anchor the tent. Set the ground sheet on the ground inside the tent.


Erect the shelter on high ground to prevent water from pooling in the floor.


Tighten the guy ropes as much as possible in windy conditions to secure the tent.

Things You'll Need

  • Center pole
  • Guy lines
  • Stakes
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