How to Setup a Taylor Made R7 Driver for a Draw

Updated July 20, 2017

TaylorMade Golf designed its R7 drivers with Technology for Launch Control, or TLC. The club head has two distinct ports at each end (toe and heel) that allow golfers to add or remove weights. This feature can be used to manipulate the ball's flight and trajectory, compensate for draw or fade tendencies or simply help navigate fairways on any course. Other TaylorMade clubs with Movable Weight Technology (MWT) include the R9, which has three weighting ports, and the R9 SuperQuad, which has four weighting ports.

Insert your TaylorMade wrench into the ports and twist counterclockwise to remove any weights. It is always best to begin the weighting procedure by starting with a blank slate.

Find the heaviest weight you have--individual weights go up to 16 grams. Insert it into the heel port; the heel is the side closest to the hosel, or entry point of the shaft. A draw is created by heel-heavy club head.

Insert the Taylormade wrench into the weight in the heel port and twist clockwise until it is fastened securely.

Find a weight that is less than half the heel weight and insert it into the toe port. You can leave the port empty if you wish, but it will most likely produce a hook instead of a manageable draw.

Use your TaylorMade wrench to fasten the toe weight securely.


The more severe difference in weight between the toe and heel ports, the more severe the draw of fade created. Placing the majority of the weight in the heel should cause a draw, while an adverse fade will be produced if most the weight is placed in the toe.


TaylorMade R7 drivers can be used in tournament play if all alterations have been made before each round. Changing the weights during tournament play will result in disqualification.

Things You'll Need

  • TaylorMade wrench
  • Individual TaylorMade weight
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