How to Clean a Silk Wedding Dress

Silk wedding dresses are very delicate and great care has to be taken when cleaning them. Hand washing is the preferred method of doing it. A gentle hand washing will not harm your silk wedding dress, and it will leave your dress in better condition than a professional dry cleaning service.

Fill your sink with water so you can place your dress in it. If your sink is not big enough, use your bathtub.

Add two teaspoons of baby shampoo to the water. Stir the shampoo into the water with your hands.

Rub your dress lightly with your hands in the water. Take a piece of the dress with each hand and gently rub them together.

Drain the water.

Fill the sink with water again.

Add a teaspoon of hair conditioner to your rinsing water. Stir the water with your hands. The conditioner adds and extra silky feel.

Rinse your dress in the water. Do not soak your silk wedding dress for longer than a few minutes.

Hang your silk wedding dress to dry. Put your dress over a sink or a bucket, to catch any excess water that drips. Do not put your wedding dress under direct sunlight. Put it in a warm area of the house. It might take a few days for it to dry completely.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby shampoo
  • Hair conditioner
  • Clothes hanger
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