How to change the brakes on a suzuki bike

Updated July 20, 2017

The Suzuki line of motorcycles have disc brakes installed on the front and rear rotors. Disc brakes provide much more stopping power then older drum brakes. The brake pads are inside the brake calipers, which are mounted to the rotors on each wheel. You will need the correct tools for the model you are working on and about an hour to replace both sets of pads.

Park the Suzuki motorcycle on level ground, and allow both brake calipers to completely cool. Loosen the two mounting bolts on the face of the calipers with an Allen wrench.

Pull up on the calipers to remove them from the rotors and expose the brake pads. Pull the brake pads from the inside of the caliper with your hand.

Insert the Suzuki brake compression tool into the caliper. The metal arm with the flat plate on the end must be on the piston, and the metal plate on the opposite side must be on the wall of the caliper opposite the piston.

Turn the handle on the compression tool clockwise to push the caliper's piston back into the caliper. Remove the tool from the Suzuki's brake caliper.

Insert the new brake pads, and place the bike calipers onto the rotors. Tighten the mounting bolt, and put away your tools.


Once the calipers are secured to the rotors, then pump the brakes to tighten the caliper's piston.

Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench set
  • Suzuki brake compression tool
  • New brake pads
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