How to Avoid Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Written by lillante remy | 13/05/2017
How to Avoid Excess Skin After Weight Loss
Avoid excess skin after weight loss. (glowing skin image by Leticia Wilson from

When a person is overweight, their skin stretches to accommodate the increased volume of weight. After weight loss, the skin sometimes fails to tighten back, and result in excess skin around the abs, inner thighs and underarms. Regular exercise and healthy eating is the way to permanently lose weight. If you lose a lot of weight quickly from extreme dieting, you can end up with unsightly loose and hanging skin that doesn't tighten up.

Exercise regularly and perform resistance, endurance and strength training one hour daily three times a week to tighten and tone loose skin and to build new muscle for the skin to adhere to. By building and adding muscle, you can form a tight layer under the skin that can improve how the skin looks and take away some of the sag effect. Work out with free weights and resistance-training machines and make sure to emphasise higher reps with lower weights.

Drink a lot of water to remain hydrated, exfoliate your skin and massage Thiomuplex Cream or lotions containing aloe vera extract, soy protein and yeast extract twice daily to keep your skin healthy and improve its elasticity. By increasing your body's production of elastin and collagen, your skin will tighten.

Consider cosmetic surgical options to remove excess skin around the abdomen, waist, legs, arms breast, and neck. Surgery is the only solution that gets rid of the excess skin for good. There are many possible body contouring operations for these problems including tummy tuck abdominoplasty, tumescent lower body lift, body lift surgery, belt lipectomy, arm lift or brachioplasty, breast lift surgery, facelift and neck lift surgery, and liposuction. Recovery time varies.

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