How to Install a Stereo System in a Jeep Patriot

Updated March 23, 2017

The Jeep Patriot comes with a pre-installed stereo, which incorporates a CD player, MP3 connection and an AM/FM receiver. Whilst this is a perfectly adequate sound system, some Patriot owners might wish to add a personalisation element to their car by installing an aftermarket stereo. Aftermarket stereos can include a multitude of features, including DVD players and Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity. An aftermarket stereo can be installed in a Jeep by adapting the wiring and the housing to enable the new stereo to work.

Twist the negative cable off the terminal on the vehicle battery, using an adjustable wrench.

Remove the factory issue stereo. Pry off the radio trim bezel with a flat head screwdriver. Remove the four bolts on each corner of the radio. Pull the radio out the dashboard. Unplug the thick black radio antenna cable. Disconnect the wire harnesses from the rear of the stereo. Place the old stereo to one side.

Prepare the dashboard for the new stereo. Fit the radio installation sleeve provided with the aftermarket stereo to the radio installation kit. Feed the sleeve through the portal of the radio installation kit and bend the tabs on the sides of the sleeve to secure it in place. Feed the audio wiring of the Jeep and the radio antenna cable through the portal of the assembly and slide the assembly into the dashboard. Secure it in place with the bolts removed earlier.

Wire the new stereo. Connect the wiring of the stereo to the audio wiring of the Patriot, using a custom wire harness adaptor. Push the connections together until they snap into place and test the connection by tugging gently on either end.

Plug the radio antenna cable into the alloted port on the rear of the aftermarket head unit.

Slide the connected aftermarket stereo into the prepared housing in the Patriot's dashboard. Click it into place in the radio installation sleeve, taking care not to trap any wiring.

Reconnect the negative cable to the cable on the Jeep battery. Switch the new stereo on and test the features for functionality.

Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Socket wrench set
  • Jeep Patriot radio installation kit
  • Wire harness adaptor for the Jeep Patriot
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