How to Make a Rain Coat for Your Dog from a Trash Bag

You love your dog, but you dislike that 'wet dog smell.' Since dogs need the outdoors for elimination as well as exercise and fun, it is hard to get around the wet dog problem without the use of a raincoat. Like dog sweaters, dog raincoats and raincoat patterns can be purchased at pet supply stores. Trash bags make simple and effective material for raincoats should you lack access to vinyl or similar material. A good pattern enables you to make as many raincoats as necessary should one get ripped or torn.

Take some measurements on your dog. Measure the dog's back from the collar to the tail base and from between the shoulder blades to the top of the breastbone. Record each measurement as you go. Purchase a dog raincoat pattern from a pet supply store that best matches your measurements. Add or subtract a few inches to the pattern where necessary if needed.

Cut the bottom off the trash bag, and make a cut down one side so you have one large flat piece of plastic. Carefully tape your pattern onto the bag and cut around the pattern.

Place the bag on your dog and tailor as needed. If necessary, have a friend or family member hold the dog in place while you bring the stomach pieces of the bag together. Tape these pieces together, then bring the collar pieces together and tape them in place. Keep the breast piece in place by taping it to the collar and stomach pieces.


Hood patterns for dog raincoats are also available at pet supply stores. Use Velcro to secure the hood and keep it in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog raincoat pattern
  • Large, durable trash bag
  • Pencil and paper
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Tape
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