How to Convert D-SUB to HDMI

Updated February 21, 2017

Many computers have a D-Sub, also known as a VGA, connection. This connection is rarely found on other electronic devices such as television and game consoles. This makes connecting your television or other device to your computer using a D-Sub cable impossible. To stream files, such as videos, from a device with a D-Sub to another device with only a HDMI port, you will need to convert the signal with a VGA/D-Sub to HDMI converter box. VGA/D-Sub to HDMI converters are available for purchase from a variety of retailers.

Connect the D-Sub cable into the compatible "VGA" port on the device. The pins on the cable connection will need to fit into the corresponding holes in the port. Tighten the two outer pins that frame the D-Sub connection into the two corresponding outer pin holes on the VGA/D-Sub port.

Connect the other end of the D-Sub cable into the "VGA/D-Sub" port on the VGA/D-Sub to HDMI converter box.

Insert the HDMI cable into the "HDMI" port on the electronic device (e.g., television).

Insert the other end of this cable into the "HDMI" port in the converter box.

Plug the power cable into the "Power or AC/DC" outlet on the converter box. Then insert the prongs on the other end of this power cable into the power outlet. You can now stream files via a D-Sub connection into another device's HDMI port.

Things You'll Need

  • D-Sub/VGA to HDMI converter box
  • D-Sub cable
  • HDMI cable


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