How to make roses out of straw

Updated July 20, 2017

Many people like making origami roses because they can be a fun craft for children and adults alike. They can be used for gifts, decorations, hair accessories, or table centrepieces. These roses can be made out of several materials including a drinking straw. Making a rose out of a drinking straw uses the same process as making a rose out of paper or ribbon, but a drinking straw is harder to work with because it is rigid. With some practice anyone can master the straw rose.

Run your finger over the straw several times to flatten the straw. Make sure the straw is as flat ans smooth as possible so it is easier to work with.

Make a 90-degree fold in the centre of the straw so the straw looks like an L.

Take the upper piece of the straw and fold it downward over the first 90-degree fold. Then take the other part of the L and fold it over the last piece. This is called an accordion fold.

Repeat the previous step several times, so that you have several alternating folds. The more folds you make, the bigger and more intricate your rose will look. Leave a little bit of straw unfolded at the end.

Pinch the unfolded end of the straw with your thumb and index finger. With your other hand, pull one of the straw ends. The rose will start to form. Pull enough to form a tight rose. The straw should be rigid enough to hold the rose in place on its own, but you may want to glue the ends to keep it together.


Practice making the rose with paper or ribbon before attempting the straw rose.

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